Green.L 25mm IR 850 Glass Infrared X-Ray Filter 850nm IR Filter for Camera Lens Digital DSLR SLR

Price: $17.99
(as of Jan 28,2022 08:58:17 UTC – Details)

Product description

Size:25mm | Color:850nm
Material:high quality optical glass +premium aluminum alloy double thread
Package include: 25mm IR 850 filter × 1

In what suitable light source should I use the infrared filters?

680nm for indoor and weak Shadows use.
720nm for indoor and weak light use.
760nm for cloudy outdoor at nightfall and brightness indoor.
850nm for indoor and weak cloudy outdoor light.
950nm for outdoor and strong light,such as summer time.

Please set a custom white balance of your camera.The way to set different cameras may vary,please check your manual.
The exposure time is relatively long when using IR filters, a tripod is necessarily needed at this situation.We also suggest you to use a cable release in case shake happens.

GREEN.L has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of photographic filters and lens accessories for 22 years. The company has a rich history of innovative product design, superior optical consistency and unparalleled quality.GREEN.L have been working closely with many well-known brands for their OEM product.

The GREEN.L Infrared Filter is a specialized filter used for infrared photography with digital cameras and specialized infrared film.Excellent for outdoor and indoor filming, the filter is essential for capturing the highest pictures in overcast outdoor lighting. With the filter in place 99% of the light seen by the naked eye is blocked out and only infrared light is filtered through. Technically the naked eye cannot see 100% black but with the infrared filter and your camcorder specialist functions, you will magically be able to.Due to the nature of infrared photography, the filter factor for this filter is highly variable and depends largely on the ISO sensitivity in use and lighting conditions.

Material: high quality optical glass and premium aluminum alloy.
Suitable for 25mm filter thread DSLR/SLR camera, especially mirrorless cameras or DSLRS with no IR blocking filter in front of the sensor. (Please check your camera’s owners manual).
Effect passes only infrared rays above 850nm.
These filters are ideal for creating special affects or for changing the lighting in photography, and also for use in analytical situations where UV and visible light needs to be blocked.

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