Tyto Games Final Act Si-Mov Strategy Board Game

Price: $65.00 - $52.99
(as of Jan 05,2022 01:42:20 UTC – Details)

Final Act is a tactics board game. Players take the role of a tank company commander and dive into a deep and intensive battle of the wits. The games is full of action and intrigue as each commander needs to hit their opponent’s tanks while making their way across the board reaching the opponent’s last line of defense to achieve victory. Final Act is intense smart fun. Final Act utilizes a unique proprietary game system designed by Tyto Games that allows players to program tank movements ahead of dividing their munition assignments. This unique system is controlled by very cool and easy to use control panels. Movement and action both take place simultaneously throughout the game. As each player decides if to move forward or retreat, setup a trap or avoid contact, players much adapt to the ever changing board scenarios present to them, adapt and strategize, in order to succeed and achieve their objectives.
Bravely command your tank company in this head to head battle of the wits
Kickstarter backers rave, “Great game”, “Exceptional value for your money”
Innovative simultaneous move system
Cool design, all real wood pieces make fun to handle
Intense strategy and tactical maneuvering

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