Price: $24.95
(as of Sep 23,2021 15:44:57 UTC – Details)

The Medication Travel Bag is unique, TSA combination lockable bag that makes certain your belongings are safely stored when traveling. Perfect for holding vitamins, head ache and allergy medicine, as well as other over the counter medication. The Medication Travel Bag adds the perfect complement to your standard toiletry bag. Equipped with 6 flexible elastic compartments on one side, the Travel Bag allows its user to fit bottles of various sizes. Additionally, each Travel Bag comes with a large “catch all” zip locked plastic compartment on the other side, capable of holding any additional items needed for your trip. Well suited for individual or family use, the Medication Travel Bag is a versatile solution for any trip or vacation.
Peace of Mind: Medications and certain toiletries can be harmful to small children and toddlers and need to be protected. While on vacation or visiting friends and family, parents often need an extra safeguard while away from home. The Medication Travel Bag solves this issue by providing a lockable space for these potentially harmful items.
3 Digit Combination Lock, TSA Approved: Medications, toiletries and personal items are secured by a combination lock on top of the bag. This lock is approved by the TSA and makes for easy trips through airport security. The bag’s metal zippers snap into the lock itself for easy and secure use. Combinations are easy to set and can be changed should you need to.
Easy To Pack: Similar to a standard toiletry bag, the Medication Travel Bag is capable of being packed inside almost any suitcase, backpack, baby bag or diaper bag, which makes for an easy carry on accessory.
Robust Construction: Built with quality in mind, the Medication Travel Bag has been designed to withstand the demands of traveling. It’s outer nylon fabric and piping around the edge prevent rips as well as wear and tear.
Versatile Function: Capable of protecting medications, toiletries, and personal items, the Medication Travel Bag is truly a multipurpose travel accessory. While ideal for parents and grandparents, this Travel Bag can be used by virtually anyone who wants a little more peace of mind while traveling.

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