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Product Description

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A set of 3 almost lifelike artificial plants in glass vases

Add a dash of brilliant greenery to your home or work space with this set of 3 artificial plants. These plants feature realistic detailing, including river pebbles and outspread roots within the planters. Each plant features a different style, with one designed to look like a taro plant, another with leaves like a lotus plant, and the third in the style of a clover plant. If you want the beauty of the outdoors without any of the inconvenience, these faux plants are the solution. Use them to make any space’s decor truly pop.


Just how big are they?

Each pot is approximately (in inches): 

Taro Plant – 6.25 W X 9.5 H X 5.5 D
Lotus Plant – 5.5 W X 8.75 H X 4 D
Clover Plant – 4.5 W X 9 H X 3.25 D 

The tallent plant stands about 9.5 inches tall, so consider this when looking at your space


Benefits of artificial plants

No dirty messes
No watering
No browning or pruning needed
Looks just like the real thing

Mini modern

Minimal, modern design
Varied plant shapes to add variety to your decor

Real or not?

We strive to create plants as realistic looking as possible
Great for decorating areas with high visiibility:

Coffee tables
Floating shelves
Kitchen counters

A trio of realistic faux plants in clear glass cube pots
The set features 1 simulation taro plant, 1 artificial lotus plant, and 1 faux clover plant
Perfect for desktops, coffee tables, counter spaces, and shelves
**Official MyGift product includes microfiber polishing cloth.**
Approximate Dimensions (each pot, in inches): Taro Plant – 6.25 W X 9.5 H X 5.5 D; Lotus Plant – 5.5 W X 8.75 H X 4 D; Clover Plant – 4.5 W X 9 H X 3.25 D.

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