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Timoo Lavender Bundles

100% Natural
✿ These dried lavenders are hand-planted and picked by farmers and then naturally dried. Without any additives and special treatment, they still retain the beauty and aroma of the lavender.

Wide application
✿ Inserted in a vase, placed on a desk, on a coffee table, on a bedside table, as a beautiful home decoration, while also refreshing the air and calming the nerves, improving sleep quality.
✿ Make a lavender sachet, carry it with you, or put it in the closet to make the clothes scent.
✿ Aromatherapy bath – Moisturizes skin, shrinks pores, leaves skin smoother and whiter, and gives your body a scent throughout the day.
✿ Put it in a gift box with other gifts and give it to your loved one.
✿ Beautiful photo props to help capture more natural and arrtactive photos.

Note – Because it is dried lavender, there will be a small part of the flower buds falling off during transportation.
Tips – A small part of the fallen flower bud can make a sachet.
✿ 100% NATURAL: Timoo Lavender bunches are made of natural lavender plants, picked by farmers, and dried naturally, no other treatment, no additives. Retaining the natural beauty of lavender.
✿ RICH AND ORIGINAL AROMA: Timoo dried lavender is a high-quality variety, with a more intense fragrance, more buds. The center of the lavender bud is the source of the fragrance. The fragrance will slowly.
✿ LAVENDER VALUE: Lavender has a good calming, soothing, and stress-relieving effect. It is very suitable for yoga and meditation. It is also very helpful for people with sleep difficulties. It can balance oil secretion, can shrink the body skin.
✿ DIY PROJECTS: Timoo dried lavender bundles suitable for making candles, soaps, essential oils, pillows, sachets, etc. You will get reassuring products and can give them as gifts to friends, that will be more meaningful.
✿ BEAUTIFUL DECOR: Timoo lavender flowers are wrapped in old newspapers, retro and elegant. Great for home decoration, cafe decoration, gift packaging. 4 bundles, each bundle has 90-100 stems, a total of 360-400 stems, 14-17 inches in length.

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